The Bermuda Dressage Group was formed in 1985 by Susan Leighton. Early board members included Alison Mitchell, Lisa Green, and Marguerite Brown. The BDG logo was put forward by Susan at this time. First shows were at Boyton Stables (now Windreach). The first formal show was held on Sunday, 8th December 1985 at the Botanical Gardens. Just under sixty tests were ridden during the course of the day, and were judged by Sara Carlson-Geike. According to the Bermuda Equestrian Federation’s newletter of December 1985 written by President Mike Cherry: “Even though some of the competitors were also taking part in the Saddle Club Combined Training show which was being held in conjunction, the number of entries is indicative of the interest that there is in this necessary part of a horse’s training” Well said, Mr. Cherry.

When Bereiter Eddo Hoekstra arrived on the island and his talents were discovered, he became adviser to the group
The first newsletter, named “Flying Change” appeared around 1990.

Carol Green, FBHS, assisted with the design of a points system, which is our basis for attributing one point for each full percentage achieved from 55% and up. The original compulsory up-grading of levels when a certain amount of points is achieved was later abandoned.

Early clinicians included Carol Green, Hans Renz, George Williams, Robert Dover, Eric Lette, Stephen Clarke, Jane Savoie, Ann Rawle, Sara Geike, and many more.


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